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Real Estate Commission We Should Talk About It

Oh yeah, the “C” word… So commonly misunderstood and misrepresented by Agents and by Clients.I overheard a conversation recently where a Realtor said something like “well X, Y and Z are

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Buyers Guide To A Sellers Market

Surviving a Seller's Market: Buyers GuideHouse hunting is challenging enough at any time; shopping during a seller's market is a whole additional difficulty level. The supply of homes is low, demand

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Should I Sell My Home In 2017

4 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home in 2017!If you’ve been sitting on the fence about selling your home, it might just be time to hop off. Now.To put it in other terms: 2017 is poised to

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Moving To Nevada Move To Reno Move To Sparks

When considering a move to Nevada and the Reno or Sparks area, it is important to understand the variety of different neighborhoods and what they have to offer:Spanish SpringsJust past

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